About the Konsentus API

Welcome to the Konsentus API documentation.

Konsentus is a world-leading service provider that leverages international standards to deliver a PSD2, open banking compliant, technology neutral service.

Konsentus provides a set of standardised APIs offering ASPSPs: Identity Checking (eIDAS certificate validation) and PSP regulatory checking,all underpinned by an Immutable Log

Please Note...

The Konsentus platform is under constant development to improve services and include additional functionality. Consequently, we will be deploying changes to the sandbox continuously. These changes will fall in to one of two categories:

  1. Minor / Patch Updates — These changes will be deployed without notice but won't adversely impact your testing / development

  2. Functional Changes — These changes represent new functionality and updates of this nature will be communicated within the documentation prior to deployment

During this phase of the service, support will be available during normal business hours. Please feel free to contact us if you experience any issues.

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Last Updated: 9/22/2021, 11:06:01 AM