# Breaking changes

A number of improvements have been introduced to the Konsentus Verify APIs to enhance the overall experience. This includes the introduction of endpoint versioning, using the term Payment Service Provider (PSP) instead of Third Party Provider (TPP) and the addition of features that will allow for checks on PSP's operating outside their home NCA through passporting. These enhancements require clients to modify their existing code to match the new endpoint syntax.

# Endpoint Versioning - v1.7

With this release we have transitioned to endpoint versioning. To support this, all endpoints have a new required header which will be used to specify a version of the API.

version REQUIRED
Version requested

Clients should use the same version across all endpoints in order to ensure consistent responses - an application should not be using different versions for different endpoints.

Currently, two options will be supported:

  • latest - This will specify the latest version including any future breaking changes.
  • 1 - This will specify major version 1 which excludes any future breaking changes.

Please note that this breaking change will be released as version 1.7 in line with our previous releases.

# Changes to PSP Checking Service (formerly TPP Checking Service) - v1.7

  1. Removed data wrappers.
  2. Requests now takes a required jurisdiction query parameter.
  3. registerEntries has changed schema.
    • Instead of an object with a data array of TPP objects we now return the homeRegister record of the PSP and hostRegister record for the PSP if it exists in the requested jurisdiction.
  4. The new homeRegister and hostRegister properties now have an array of categoryEntries to reduce duplication.
  5. Renamed:
    • eIDAS/values to eIDAS/data
    • QTSP to QTSPCommonName
    • legalName to pspSubjectName
    • NCA/Name to ncaName under homeRegister and hostRegister.
    • legalName to pspLegalName.
    • authorized to pspAuthStatus.
    • roles to pspPaymentServices.
  6. New fieldsncaCountryCode, registerType, categoryName.

# New Endpoint Documentation

Below are links to the documentation for the endpoints after the breaking changes occur.

Endpoint v1.6 documentation v1.7 documentation
PSP Checking Service
GET /v1/psp/eidas v1.6
Last Updated: 5/21/2024, 8:10:33 AM