# FAQs

This page lists some of the frequently asked questions we have received both via email and on the support Slack page.

# Regarding the PSP checking service, what does the categoryName entail?

NCAs divide their regulatory registers into categories to help them and their consumers better navigate the lengthy lists of financial institutions. The PSPs that Konsentus provide checks on exist in some of these categories. To find more information on the categories that include PSPs, please see our register categories reference page.

# What's the difference between a role and payment service?

A payment service is an activity that a PSP has been authorised to perform by the relevant NCA. They are the source of truth when it comes to deciding what a PSP is allowed to do. A role is a translation of these payment services that QTSPs then add to their eIDAS certificates. For more information on payment services and roles, please see our payment services reference page.

# What's the difference between a home and a host register?

A PSPs home register is the register of the NCA that regulates the PSP (which is the country the PSP has their EEA headquarters in). It is the home register that decides what payment services the PSP is allowed to perform both in their home country and in any of the other EEA countries. A host register is the register of an NCA in any other EEA country. They are not legally obliged to record PSPs from other EEA countries in their register. However it is common for them to do so with limited information about these "passport in" PSPs. During a regulatory check, Konsentus will return the register entries for a PSP in their home register and a host register if this was specified in the regulatory check request.

# What's the difference between an "Authorised" and a "Registered" status

A PSP can be given one of two positive status'; authorised or registered. This is based on the category they belong to in an NCA register. Payment Institutions, E-Money Institutions and Credit Institutions will be given the authorised status while exempt payment institutions, exempt e-money institutions, AISPs and agents receive the registered status. When it comes to deciding whether a PSP is allowed to perform the payment services listed in a register both of these positive status' tell us that the PSP is allowed to perform the services. Only if the PSP has the withdrawn status are they not allowed to perform the listed services.

Last Updated: 11/8/2023, 2:51:58 PM